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Trevor Osborn 6K video Camera production. Gold Coast production company.

Blazing 6K video Camera production!

Shooting with RED and Sony Video cameras and producing blazing  video images!


Creative Writing  Trevor Osborn Creative writing, making your vision sing!


Video editing is the art and science of transforming raw footage into a compelling story.

Video editing is the art and science of transforming raw footage into a compelling story.

About Me

Experience: In 2002 I started in TV as a camera operator and video editor in commercial production. Since then I have  produced for Disney, broadcast in the UK and much more in between. My passport has lapped more times than I can count and I enjoy shooting around the world and at home immensely!

Best shoot: I get inspired by product photography and making something to the client look mind blowing amazing. I also enjoy hiking for hours on end to shoot a sunrise you will never forget. Both these leave me loving my job and I cannot pin point one best shoot. If I had to it would have to be the video right below here. Freediving In Tonga With Humpback Whales. 

Need a camera guy that can edit too?
I take great pride in being able to film, edit and also composite motion graphics. I grew up script writing and coming up with concepts for television commercials. This is in my DNA and also it is my passion. 

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Bowhunting and hunting videos showcasing what it means to be a sustainable meat eater.

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