In the time around 2014 I became more uncomfortable with the idea of eating meat. Not just factory farmed animals but any meat even from organic farming practices.

This was due to the fact these animals are not in their natural environment, no matter how well they are treated.

After a vegan diet left my bones and joints acing I knew I needed to eat meat for my body type. It was then hunting showed its self to me. This was not blood hungry past time for rednecks. No this was a method of which you choose an animal at the end of its life to feed you and your family.

It took me a long time and a lot of YouTube videos to decide if I can actually do this. And well 6 years later I can say, YES YES I CAN!

It is hard to describe the feeling of sadness and happiness in one. I love all animals and the thought of one suffering kills me, so I can I kill one? Well I justify this action by taking an animal for eating that is at the end of its life. An animal like this would leave its group and slowly be eaten by other predators over long painful hours or days.

To not hunt is actually not ethical. And to bow hunt is the most purest form I can think of to get your nutrient intake.

I have produced these videos for hunting properties and hunter alike. I myself choose a compound bow to bow hunt and understand that using a rifle would be a better method in most circumstances. I might revisit this idea later. But for now I will leave you with some food for thought.

It is with a heavy heart I do this for food

Hunting Properties

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