Business marketing

They say a picture is worth 1000 words… Well what does that make a video?
I want to get your message screaming through the pages and bashing down the doors of your customers.

How to do this?

With a free consultation I will get to know your business goals inside out and what and together achieving an end product that gets results. We will sit down and pencil out the best game plan to attack your niche market.

Photo shoot

Are you looking to up your Instagram game or social media profile? Maybe you are after a sponsorship and need to showcase your abilities in a digital format.

To really stand out from the crowd you need a professional and unique portfolio. One including the very best images to prove a point… That you are SERIOUS!

Let me know which area you want to target and let’s get to crushing it!

I will give you several suggestions for locations, props and what I think is a “Game Changer” moment for you in your approach.

Video shoot

As great as iphones are, and let’s face it they are great but they are also very limited when you start talking about video production. If your business or you as a brand is starting to gain traction and followers, it is about time you stepped up and got a professional video produced.

Simple things like professional audio can make such a difference! Using expensive cameras and gadgets might not be for everyone. “BUT” they are expensive for a reason… They are awesome!

If you are in low light, fast speeds, needing to colour grade several parts of a clip or just need smooth clean footage in all light conditions, an iphone will not cut it.

I use two cameras, one is a broadcast camera for traditional TV style commercials or news look. The other is a cinematic camera, to get a Hollywood feel to your promotional video. Both serve a great purpose and we will workout which way you want to go.

I also use the Ronin-S gimbal, if you don’t know what this is you are in for a treat! It makes the camera feel and look like it is floating on a cloud to give a perfect smooth shot every time while walking around. It is very useful in every type of video and really does give that extra professional edge to your video. It is a must in my opinion.

Combine all these things with good lighting + audio and you won’t know yourself!

Real Estate

If you are a real estate agent you know how important marketing a property is. Here on the Gold Coast I have been involved with marketing properties for many years.

I actually produced a pilot for a TV real estate show, unfortunately the housing crash in 2008 came and it never made it to air, but my passion for property only increased. Being a property owner myself and looking to invest in more I take great pride and interest in this work.

Need amazing drone footage? No problem I have you covered, using drones is a 100% must for real estate! Combine this with a voice over and appropriate music for your demographic and you will have a marketing weapon at your hands!

Sporting Events

Being a keen surfer, snowboarder and downhill mountain bike rider myself, I also enjoy many other sports. If you are after a sponsorship or just wanting to get better, contact me today and I would recommend the following. A full day recording your sport. Completed highlights package of you shredding. (Hand this to sponsors) A breakdown video reel in slow motion of your performance with key notes on style and technique. Complete reel of all your riders or performances in real time.

Artistic Wedding Services

Wedding photography explained!

Looking for an edge to your special day?

I will aim to take out all the hassle of your wedding and video needs on your big day, here is a list of things that might help.

This is what my team of enthusiastic artists love to do. Before your big day let’s chat about the look you are after and maybe offer up something totally different that you will enjoy forever.

Below Corey and Chloe Price tie the knot in the Novotel Benoa Bali. They are both young and were after a look and feel that represents them.

Contact today for a free quote and guide to how we can make your day one to remember.

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