2018 WHAT A YEAR!!!

I decided after 10 years away from professionally shooting
television commercials, documentaries, music videos and corporate promotion
videos that I really missed it!

My love came back actually in 2016 when I took a trip to New Zealand to explore the north island. I purchased a Panasonic Lumix GX85 with 4 lenses. My favourite was the 300zoom which is equivalent to 600mm being a crop camera. The next favourite lens was the kit lens, a prime Panasonic lumix 25mm equivalent to 50mm. It was so sharp and gave me great depth of filed being a fast lens at f1.7. Also, for a unique look at the world I cannot recommend the Panasonic 8mm Fisheye was super fun! I had a lot of fun with this lens!

I then when to South Africa with my childhood friend Nathan.
We booked this trip on a lucky air flight deal and both our schedules met up!
$1000 return from Australia, are you kidding me?

 I have wanted to go
to South Africa for so many years and I actually put it on my vision board…. Spooky?

I shot some of the most amazing photos I think I have taken.
The coastline is amazing! I am a surfer so I was chasing waves but more importantly
and experience of a lifetime… And that is what I got!

We started off in Joburg and drove down the Golden Gate route
to Drakensberg which was a worthy drive, but being jet lagged maybe should have
rested more… It was a very tired drive from there all the way to Durban!!! Peak
hour Durban traffic and trying to keep your eyes open was an intense experience,
they drive like maniacs. Imagine Bali or anywhere in South East Asia and times
the speed limit by 10!

Durban was amazing but definitely felt a bit unsafe when checking a few areas to surf. So much history and culture the place is so amazing it is worth any fears you have to go explore.

Leaving Durban and driving down the Transkei is a must for anyone visiting South Africa! So many awesome bays and beaches with zero crowds. Coffee bay was deficiently one to check out! Port St Johns on the other hand which my friend and I named Port St Chomps due to the constant shark attacks they have there. This was no joke, surfing at the beach is actually banned!