Trevor Osborn and his real estate production team are a cutting edge force that deliver results. 

Our video marketing campaigns are designed for not only elite properties and agents but also mid range to new agents looking for their slice of the pie. View our examples below and contact us today for a no obligation quote.

We work hard at achieving the results you only dream of! 


When creating video content, I want to inspire a movement inside the viewer. A feeling that absorbs and gives you emotion.

That feeling that leaves you inspired long after watching.

To do this takes thoughtful planning and a detailed look into the objective of the video.

We sit down with you and get to know your business | mission thoroughly. The result being the best possible production of your vision.

I am available 24/7 to come shoot for you. Email me now for a free no obligation quote: Click here now!

Check out below my latest YouTube video


Freedive With Humpback Whales In Tonga 

Fashion Promo Video Anannasa 2020

Taiwan Travel Video

Football Player Profile Video

Sony A7iii and DJI Ronin S love affair!

Shooting with the Sony A7iii combined with DJI Ronin S, I have found a love affair and a match made in heaven if you will!

Shooting with the Sony A7iii combined with DJI Ronin S, I have found a love affair and a match made in heaven if you will! Click here to view some of my content.

DjI Ronin S gmbal and Sony A7

Drone Photography

DJI Mavic Pro 2 is my drone of choice, the photos and footage are just mind blowing! Just check out my real estate videos and discover the possibilities for your business. 

I have a crew of CASA drone licensed guys and we are able to to video and photograph your projects at the same time. 

Need something more serious? We also use the DJI Inspire 2 for larger commercials to mining projects. The DJI Inspire 2 is a larger, faster more high definition drone that is capable of mind blowing results for these jobs.